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Why you should give your partner the ‘benefit of the doubt’.

Recently I heard someone say to their partner…”You know what I want?  I want the benefit of the doubt.  I want you to trust that when something happens, I don’t have the worst intentions towards you; that I’m not trying to hurt you.” I LOVE that.  Sometimes, when our resources are low or stress is […]

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When is it better to keep your mouth shut?

I don’t hold people responsible for the reactions or emotions of others, and I do embrace a “say what you need to say” attitude in general.  But here are some situations in which I believe it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut! WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT… […]

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When the foundation crumbles:  How to rebuild trust from the ground up

Trust is one of the fundamental elements in a relationship.  We cannot really be close to someone if we can’t trust them.  And if you are close to someone you  know you cannot trust…ask yourself why. This blog is for those of you who have messed up…made a mistake…hurt somebody…damaged the trust someone had in […]

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