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Why we don’t need to (publically or privately) shame our children…(or anyone)

There’s a news story today about a father who punished his 13 year-old daughter after she sent what he judged an inappropriate photo to a boy.  He cut off her long hair and then videotaping her standing beside the hair as he described her punishment. It was posted to social media, although the father claims […]

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Not My Pig, Not My Farm…: Are You Taking on the Problems of Others?

Scenario 1: TODD:  (16, entering)  Somebody stole my effing bike! AMY:  (45, parent of TODD)  And you’re surprised?  Serves you right if you leave the bike outside unlocked.  I put that thing away for you almost every night and I’m sick of it. So last night I left it out.  I’ve told you a million times….and if […]

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