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Reach out and TOUCH someone!  (thoughts on touch)

In New York a young woman is starting a business charging for cuddling by the hour.  Her business is called the “Snuggery“.  I think she’s onto something… and I think she’s nuts.  I think she’s recognizing a current deficit in human connection and touch, and I think she’s nuts if she’ll snuggle with anyone who […]

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Intimacy:  What it is, Why we want it, Why we avoid it, and How to build it

Intimacy is basically the vehicle towards attachment; feeling ‘close’ to someone…connected.  We are creatures of attachment.  We are built to want to feel intimately connected, unless something interferes with the capacity to attach. Fear often gets in the way of us connecting through intimacy.  Fear of being hurt, of being unloved, of risking loss, of […]

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