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Services and Solutions

Psychotherapy can be many things; from restructuring thought processes to healing from pain; from exploring the origins of emotional triggers to practical parental coaching; from a refreshing wake-up call to a soft shoulder to lean on.  The key component to success and change is finding the right therapist for you. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to help you reach the specific goals you have for yourself.

My most common areas of focus are:

  • relationships
  • sexuality
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • parenting


Individual Therapy, Couple or Family Therapy to address the following issues:  anxiety, depression, relationship, parenting, anger, sexuality, and more.

Parental Coaching:  For parents wanting to find more effective strategies.

Public Talks:  I am available if you are looking for a speaker for your next meeting or event to address a topic such as healthy relationships, conflict resolution, anxiety or depression, or parenting.

Blog resources:  My blogs address a wide variety of issues and add to your toolbox of resources.


Please feel free to browse through my blogs, read more about me in the FAQ page, make an appointment online or email me with your questions. I look forward to working with you.